Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Most Spammed Posts

Comment spam on Blogspot appears to be improving. 356 (since November 4) up from 303 comment spams 35 days ago is not bad. That is an average of only 1.5 spams a day for over a month. It is still hard to tell if this is due to the holidays, Blogger cooking something up, or finally spammers getting smart. Since SpamHuntress says spam has increased on her blog, things are looking good for Blogspot users.

It also seems that Blogger has fixed the moderation hole. I haven't had any spam slip though moderation in a long time.

And I am not required to approve my own comments to my blog anymore which is nice. I always thought that was a bit stupid.

I am sure you are all eager to see how my posts are scoring in the most spammed game. There has been a rise in casino spam lately so my posts on that topic have really jumped ahead. I am limiting the results to those with 8 points or above, last time it was five but there were a bunch of players that suddenly reached that level and the table got to big.

+722Casino Online On-Line Spam (part 2)7/07/2004
+120Lots of Comments11/05/2005
16Google's Spamdexing Service10/08/2005
+512Casino-Online-On-Line Spam7/06/2004
+412Casino Online On-Line (part 3)7/08/2004
+111How Not To Fix The Blogspot Issue10/26/2005
+110New Spam Fighters8/30/2005
8More about BeTheDealer7/08/2004
8BeTheDealer and DirectedMarket7/08/2004

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