Friday, November 04, 2005

Blogspot Adds Comment Moderation


Blogger Buzz says:

"We've just introduced a frequently-asked for feature, comment moderation. By using this feature, you can approve or reject what would-be commenters are looking to post before it goes live on your blog."

I turned on Comment Moderation and turned off Word Verification for comments on my blog and will see how things go. As we have seen, Word Verification seems buggy, not to mention annoying and inaccessible to visually impaired users. Depending on how bad comment spams get, I may leave it this way. I can more easily catch spammers without polluting my blog comments.

I wonder how many bugs this improvement will introduce.

Update: In the two hours since posting this, I already have five spam comments on posts going back all the way to mid 2004. I assumed spammers were mostly hitting recent posts these days, but I guess not. The online interface for moderating is ok, but not great, you can't tell what post the comment was made on. But you can easily deal with multiple comments at once which is nice. And the email version looks pretty good.

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