Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Comment Spam Scores

Since turning on comment moderation (November 4) I have now reached 303 comment spams, not counting the few that slipped though the moderation hole. Lately it seems to have been slowing down a bit. It certainly isn't anywhere near stopped yet, but it isn't quite so bad.

Could just be because it is nearing end of semester. Could be due to Thanksgiving this Thursday in the US. Maybe spammers are learning spamming blogspot isn't so easy anymore and they are moving on; probably not since most are dumber than rocks and will never figure that out. Hopefully the lull is due to something new Blogger setup silently, but I doubt it.

They seem to come in waves, but at least for now it is better than the 30+ I was getting on the 14th and 15th and the 20+ on the 9th and 11th. Weekends are normally slow and Tuesday is far from over so maybe I am jumping to conclusions. But I thought I would share the current scores for those posts with 5 or more spams. As you can see there is no apparent pattern to which posts get hit most:

19Lots of Comments11/05/2005
16Google's Spamdexing Service10/08/2005
15Casino Online On-Line Spam (part 2)7/07/2004
10How Not To Fix The Blogspot Issue10/26/2005
9New Spam Fighters8/30/2005
8More about BeTheDealer7/08/2004
8BeTheDealer and DirectedMarket7/08/2004
8Casino Online On-Line (part 3)7/08/2004
7Leaving Blogger10/20/2005
7Redirect Splogs9/01/2005
7Back to the Future II4/09/2005
7BTD, Cyprus, and DirectedMarket7/13/2005
7Casino-Online-On-Line Spam7/06/2004
6Surfing with the Enemy12/06/2004
6Nigritude Ultramarine Nuts6/03/2004
5Chongqed at O'Reilly12/03/2004

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