Thursday, April 28, 2005

chongqing anniversary

One year ago today the spammer annoyed Manni and I into starting this chongqing project. On that day I made my first post blog post explaining what we were planning. Our project has evolved a lot since that day; we now have our own domain, a wiki, and a blacklist.

Recently we discovered that has been banned by Google. We have had a few other big successes. Hakdata is long gone. We upset one spammer into creating to complain about us (now the site just redirects to one of his domains). And we have been hit with a DOS attack. Spammers don't like what we are doing.

Thankfully now most wiki and blog software now has some kind of antispam measure built in. Spammers are getting better tools, but luckily they are still as dumb as ever. The only way these idiots will ever stop is when it does them no good to spam. This is a battle we will never win, but it's still worth fighting. We can only hope search engines can come up with better ways to detect sites that are spamming.

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