Friday, April 30, 2004

chongqing Googled

Well, its nice to see both of us just got included in the index. That was fast. Now we are ready for our next phase of the operation, spreading the word.

The same spammer, from emmss dot com, struck again with his usual chongqing link last night. You can figure out what site that refers to I am sure, just don't link to it. We don't want to help their ranking.

Back when I first googled for this guy's other spams I noticed the CSS-Discuss wiki was being hit hard (compared to what we were getting). Now we found Simon's blog about it. That looks like a really interesting blog and good wiki. It discusses all kinds of stuff I am interested in: CSS, Python, Mozilla Slashdot, and spam. I hardly ever read blogs before, but looks like I might have found one that needs reading. Maybe it’s a side effect of becoming a blogger myself.

And of course we want to encourage others to link to one or both of our chongqing sites so we can really knock emmss down in the search engines. I wish blogger directly allowed comments so you could show your support that way, but then I would eventually have to deal with spam there too. For now let me know by email and I will add a section for supporters' links and comments.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

To chongq

Recently a Wiki I frequently contribute to was hit by a spammer. We cleaned it up and a few hours later he did it again. Cleaned that up and the next night he struck again. It was the first time I had seen Wiki spam but apparently its not uncommon. I googled this guys link and found he likes to spam Wikis. He is persistent and does not limit himself to front page spam, he will put it wherever he feels like. He sometimes creates links on periods in sentances so I guess no one (but Google) will notice. He is obviously after an improved PageRank. Luckily Wikis have change logs so it can be noticed and removed easily, but we shouldn't have to. Wikis are meant to be open and slime like this are going to end up killing off the entire format if we aren't careful.

Well, this has lead to the idea of my first blog. To spread the word (chongqing) about Wiki and Blog spam. And to sabotage his chongqing keyword. I can't take credit for the original idea, but I did help push it to a new level once I really saw the potential. So that lead my friend to come up with this definition:

More info on this kind of spam can be found here:

And of course the site of the guy who started "chongqing":

And sorry if you actually live in Chongqing. Because it is a real place name I will be using only lowercase "chongqing" when refering our antispam movement.