Wednesday, September 01, 2004

IE's Odd Color Parsing

Have you ever wondered what <font color="6db6ec49efd278cd0bc92d1e5e072d68"> looks like?

This post is more for the email antispammers, but that hasn't stopped me before. Our friend Sam has done some research into how odd color definitions work in IE and therefore Outlook. POPFile has added support for this strangeness, calling it Flex Hex, in its upcomming release. I don't know if other email filters even try to handle colors the way POPFile does, but if they do, Sam's information is important since spammers are already doing it. Sam's research is here.

Its sad that Mozilla does almost exactly the same thing. I guess its good to render pages the same as the competition, but is it really a benefit in this case? Obviously they weren't thinking of spammers using it against spam filters.

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