Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Many Anna Kravcovas

Its been a long time since I posted here. I still do some antispam stuff, but not nearly like I used to. I still report spammers when I see them of course, but as you can guess from this post, my current hobby is photography. Much more fun than endlessly fighting spammers.

I am sure it will be gone soon since Flickr is pretty responsive to spam reports, but I ran across a spammer hitting photo pages. "She" left two identical comments today on a friend's photo from two different Flickr accounts. If not for that stupid mistake, I might not have noticed. The comment does not link to her webpage, you must retype the URL so it can sneak past spam filters.


Those two accounts will probably be removed soon since I reported the spam, but you can see a seemingly already removed but cached copy of the same spam on the mobile version of Flickr from 4 weeks ago from Ann.Kravcova.1988. Or on a republished Flickr page by Ann.Kravcova.2008 here. The spam is gone from the actual Flickr page there too.

Her comments:
Good photo! ;) I want meet you! See my photos here
Of course, a Google search shows a few more.

Searching for lead me to this photo where, Anna 475 and 476 posted three comments at the same time. Here is another where AnnaKravcova posted. Google currently shows 39 other hits on Flickr, but Google's estimate for the search is 1,500 results. I wonder if that many have been removed already, Google's estimate usually isn't that far off.

And another Google of Ann.Kravcova shows a bunch more. In January, Ann 1986 (who is no longer on Flickr) posted:
Cool photo! I want to meet you :) See my photos here:
Both sites were Anna says she has her photos just show her one photo and a link to a dating service to "meet beautiful Russian Ladies interested in getting in touch with overseas Men."

Update Feb 15: Thanks to Travis, I found a whole lot more Annas. He found 101 a few hours ago, now there are 88. So Flickr is getting a few of them.

And here is Anna's Facebook page.

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Thanks to google, and to you too!

I had a comment on a pic of mine on my flickr account from Anna Kravcova:

"Anna.Kravcova.666. says:
Cool photo! I want to meet you :) See my photos here:
Posted 23 minutes ago"

Not trusting her link I've made a little search and I found your blog:)
Thanks again for the advertisement!
I just got one too.
Spam sucks!
I just received a comment from Anna on flickr. Yay! Now that I am here, thanks to googles search engine, I am happy to discover you, and the other people that blog about spam. It's interesting, to say the least. Say if this was not the internet, and I were intentionally searching for Anna, at a Brothel in Moscow, but could not find her there, because she was omnipresent in other places, for instance, hiding behind a box of cookies at the corner store.
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