Wednesday, October 11, 2006

\81 Spim

I don't get on instant message services very often, but I have had accounts on the big ones for years. Because I am not online all the time I am able to avoid most Spim. But today when I logged in with Miranda, I got a spam IM on my Yahoo account. If you look at the source of the message, the URL is written as:
While that isn't a clickable link, it likely would get through some spim filters. And if displayed as intended, it would be easy to retype. Luckily copying it doesn't result in a good URL in either IE or Firefox. I was able to see the extra characters (as boxes) but I assume they disappear if you use the official client.

Here is today's spim by chatdetectives.com_ab43 as I assume is meant to appear:
THIS IS A GREAT SITE! http://chat-detectives.com
And just about 30 days ago I got this from chat_detectives_agent_yrm:
Ever wondered what your significant other does online when you aren't around? Would they flirt with other people or even cheat if given the right opportunity? Mine did... Wanna find out just how faithful they would be in the face of temptation? http://chat-detectives.com
It does appear hidden in Firefox, but not in IE.

This certainly isn't news to those following spim, but to me these two instant message spams make up a large percentage of the spim I have ever received. I wonder what other forms of spam \81 could be used in.

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