Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Web Spam Detector

I just read about a Search engine spam detector on Search Engine Watch. The idea behind the site is "To persuade webmasters and SEO to think." If an independent italian software developer can on his own create a simple tool capable of detecting these techniques, just think what search engines can do or are already doing.

I didn't see an overall rating of the website it scanned, I guess you have to study the individual results. My blog isn't very spammy according to this test, a while back I removed some of the more spammy looking parts. It didn't like the antispam CSS rules I posted here. It called them unnatural text. It also detected unnatural text in a spam email I posted recently.

Kind of makes me wish I had time to do something like this myself. But I already have too many unfinished spam research projects going.

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