Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad Behavior 2 Alphas

Michael has released Alpha 4 of BadBehavior 2. I have not tested it, but from his post it sounds like a major improvement. He is again ahead of the spammers. And he now supports MediaWiki without the hack that used to be required. He is expecially interested in testing by MediaWiki users since actual support for it was just added. I would give it a shot, but the only MediaWiki I run is my honeypot. I may still give it a try anyway for a few days just to see, but I wouldn't want to run a clean wiki. Spam attracts Spam, and in the case of a honeypot, that is exactly what I want.

Even though I don't use it, I am a big supporter of BadBehavior. It clearly can't always stop all spam, but other than disabling all user submitted content on your site, nothing will. As long as he is able to keep just a tiny bit ahead of spammers, it will make their job harder, and make ours easier.

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