Monday, December 26, 2005

New chongqed Wiki

For anyone else going through chongqed wiki withdrawal, we now have another one to hold us over till Manni gets the main one fixed. I set it up mostly as a way to experiment with MediaWiki, but plan to use it as a spam collecting honeypot of course. So to avoid confusion I will be calling it our honeypot wiki.

I have been trying out the MediaWiki antispam features; there are more than I realized. But I have only been able to make one of them work so far. It is an important one though.

$wgSpamRegex allows you to ban whatever you want. On our wiki it was suggested by PForret to use it to block CSS Hidden Spam. His rule blocked div tags which worked since that is what spammers are using for now, but they could use many other tags. That means we should concentrate on the style attribute instead.

My rule blocks tags with style attributes that could be used to hide spam:

$wgSpamRegex = "/\<.*style.*?(display|position|overflow|visibility|height)\s*:.*?>/i";

I think that covers everything except font-size and color, but those aren't the best for hiding spam and are more likely to be useful for nonspam purposes than the others. If I am missing any others let me know.

More powerful rules and discussion at the honeypot wiki.

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