Tuesday, December 20, 2005

chongqed.org Server Troubles

Well, several days ago I posted that chongqed.org was in the process of moving and not working right, things have only improved a little since then. My email is now working again. And Manni is closer to figuring out what is going on.

Since we have been down I have setup a mirror of the latest copy of the blacklist I have (December 6, but not a lot had been added since then) in case anyone needs it. And I have set up a cron job to update the mirror daily once the site gets working again. You can add that address as a backup location. I don't have the bandwidth the main site has though so use the main one when possible.

I am also working on some content for chongqed.info. For now it is just a bunch of antispam RSS feeds I like. I will be expanding it, but not yet sure with what. I have been thinking about setting up a honeypot wiki. Spammers are learning not to mess with chongqed.org's wiki, will they be smart enough to avoid chongqed.info? I doubt it.

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