Tuesday, December 27, 2005

chongqed.org DNS Issues

Manni announced on our WikiForum that chongqed.org was back and fully operational on the 23rd. Someone forgot to tell my DNS server because I still can't access it normally. It seems that due to some setup issues only one of the three name servers chongqed uses has our subdomain records right. So if you are lucky enough that your query is served by one of those two, you can't reach our subdomains. We are narrowing down the name server problem though and hopefully will have it fixed real soon.

But the good news is that chongqed.org is working again so even if you can't reach it, my mirror blacklist is now being updated again. So far today I have added probably at least ten different spammers with lots of domains. I plan to work to add more than we have been lately to make up for the blacklist being down for so long.

If you absolutely need to reach that site, it can be accessed, by using your own hosts file. Not sure exactly how that works with subdomains, but hopefully it does.

I always use my hosts file when I change webhost, to get a jump start on the change.

Yeah, the hosts file works with subdomains. That is how I got around it today.
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