Sunday, November 27, 2005

Splogs as Plagiarism

I found a very interesting site in the fight against splogs. The main focus is on plagiarism and copyright infringement, but since that makes up most splog content there are some good feed scraper specific articles there like, Splogs: Plagiarism En Masse.

And they explain how to add a copyright notice footer to the bottom of posts on your blog's feed. Recently I added a tracking image to my feed. It wasn't setup for copyright purposes, but for identification and will be useful for tracking down spammers who illegally "syndicate" my posts. Ann quickly discovered the tracker and posted her support. You can read how to do it for Blogger in my first comment on that post.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the site and found some useful things on it. It was strange, when I started up PlagiarismToday, my goal was to deal with the more traditional kind of online plagiarism. However, as splogging grew, it and other forms of RSS plagiarism came to account for the vast majority of plagiarism online. It's a scary thought, but I'm something I'm more than happy to help deal with.
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