Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is Google Slacking?

We already know they stopped deleting splogs on Blogspot. Now it looks like the little monitoring they did on AdSense may have stopped too. I first read about the AdSense change at SearchEngineWatch. And from their article read SearchViews.

I have no direct experience with AdSense, but this looks like a big problem for advertisers. Is this designed to raise the price of ads so Google can make more money? I doubt to, but that may be the end result. Which will also result in AdSense becomming no more popular than any other ad service.

I wonder how this affects SplogFighter's remaining method of fighting sploggers by going after AdSense violations.

Update: Google replied to SEW that humans are still part of the review process. Seems like it is a smaller part than it used to be.

I've been tracking a set of splogs using WordPress and RSS2Blog since September. Although Google knows about them (I blogged the details when I wrote my piece for the Guardian newspaper), nothing has been done. Not only are the splogs still there but more have been added using the same AdSense publisher number. Is Google slacking? The answer, for the moment, is probably yes. Will the splogger have his AdSense account terminated any time soon? Almost certainly not.

If Splogfighter can identify the number of splogs per AdSense account in lists of splogs, that would be very interesting.
There are still large number of splogs that are supported by AdSense but that's due to accumulated splogs over time. At the very early days of splogs, majority of splogs created were being suppoted by AdSense but that's no longer the case. I think splogs these days are very much like email spams. They are now plenty of porn or gambling related splogs completely independent from AdSense. In retrospect if Google really dropped the hammer on splogs during the very early days, I think splogs problem wouldn't have evolved into current form. Blogosphere wouldn't have become the splog haven it has become today. Google's tolerent attitude towards splogs from the very beginning has lot to do with current situation at hand. I believe this to be true back then and still is now.
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