Thursday, November 17, 2005

Interesting Comments

I got two interesting comments by a spammer recently. In with all the comment spams they were hard to find since they were made anonymously as is much of the spam. They were made on November 10 and I didn't notice them until the 15th. Here are the posts they appear on:

Lots of Comments
Advanced Wiki Spam

Another interesting set was spam telling the truth about what it is:

Nice blog, oop's did I lie? really I didn't even read your blog, To be perfectly honest I have no intention of reading your blog I am only interested in promoting my website, Is this bad? I don't think so , If anything just bad manners. Did you know that without **advertising** you have little chance of selling anything. **advertising**

Posted by Dan at 11/15/2005 05:47:24 PM

I got 12 of that one in 5 minutes on new and old posts. Just bad manners? Well, at least he admits that much. Most spammers try to explain how it doesn't hurt anything or that it actually helps the sites they spam.

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