Monday, October 17, 2005


Yesterday I noticed an odd charge on my credit card bill. It was listed as WP-TEMPLATEOFTHE.N SITTINGBOURNE for $8.27. After a little Googling, the only hit I found lead me to a few other people that got the same charge.

One of them figured out that there is a company that sells "web design templates" that goes by the name "Template Of The Net" located in Sittingbourne, Kent. And it just happens that you can get 2,000+ Templates for $8.27.

I did not buy a web template and have never heard of Template Of The Net before. Anyone that knows me would be able to tell that I don't need to buy a template to build a webpage.

I do use my credit card online, but mostly only at large trustworty sites. About a month before this charge I did purchace a screen saver online from a smaller company that I don't know much about. I am not accusing the screen saver company (that is why I didn't name them), but wondering if any others who have had this problem also bought a screen saver recently. The site looks totally legit and has lots of users and a forum run by fans on a seperate site so I may be barking up the wrong tree. But other than that I don't have a clue.

I use Firefox and am careful what I download so I don't believe it is was from spyware. I don't run SpyBot often because I never find anything on my machine, but just in case I ran it just now. Guess what, nothing.

I also used that credit card at a couple of cheep motels a bit further back. Could be an employee got the numbers back then.

Watch your credit card bills, even for small charges. My credit card company took the charge off my account with no problems. And I canceled the card right away. From now on I am only using my other very low limit card on websites I don't know enough about.

I got the same charge on my card last month too! But I didn't purchae any screen savers. The only purchases I made online were through amazon and 1 paypal charge a month and a half before. That is sooo crazy! A lot of card companies use the virtual accounts and I am totally using that next time...
I hadn't used Paypal in a long while before this showed up. I have used that card on Paypal in the past though, so it is in their database.

It does look unlikely that this had anything to do with the screensaver. I contacted their fan site and asked them to pass it on to the creator. Neither had heard of any one else having this problem.
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