Friday, October 14, 2005

Spyware Illegal Trespass

USA Today has a story about about laws finally catching up with :

"A federal trial court in Chicago has ruled recently that the ancient legal doctrine of trespass to chattels (meaning trespass to personal property) applies to the interference caused to home computers by spyware. Information technology has advanced at warp speed with the law struggling to keep up, and this is an example of a court needing to use historical legal theories to grapple with new and previously unforeseen contexts in Cyberspace."

Read the rest at USA Today.

Hopefully laws against will be next. I doubt it will stop the spam since the wonderful CAN-SPAM act was useless for stopping email spam, but at least then spammers won't be able to keep claiming their crap is not clearly illegal.

Do you think that blog spam is a problem?

Then you should read today's blog article.
Is there such a thing as spamming a blog?
That comment was made by a spammer who sells automated comment spamming software. No wonder he doesn't think spam is a problem. His "article" is only worth reading if you want to see how insane comment spammers are.
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