Sunday, October 23, 2005

PRStorm and Google

And made an interesting discovery since lately our interest in PRStorm/Reffy, one of the worst referrer spam programs around, has been renewed. Michael Pollitt got some info about the new owner. He says he didn't know what he was buying. I still find that hard to believe. Ann has her own comments on the situation.

So while investigating Ann ran across one of Google's many dirty secrets. This one being that even a domain that is removed from Google's search index for being a horrible spammer can buy AdSense ads. This is just one more bit of evidence that Google either looks the other way or isn't trying very hard to stop spammers.

But that is nothing compared to Google's AdSense spamdexing service where they provide the spam for you.

It seems Google's motto has changed to "Don't be evil (unless it makes lots of money)."

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There is so much more behind this its is not funny. For example if you go to Googles community online at the top of every forum page is a Google ad sense ad for text link buying, something Googles says not to do but yet there it is on there own site.Google for a long time seems to have the attitude do as I say not as I do.And lets get real if Google wanted to make sure link buying and refferal spam were gone then why did nt they take a million dollats of the billions of dollars they have and go buy links from the text link sites and find out which ones are selling the links and ban them . Also prstorm sold for less the 1500 pounds they {Google} could have bidded double that amount bought prstorm and bam no more prstorm.I would say more but whats the point Googles integrity is gone.
Until it got that high, a couple antispammers were discussing buying it ourselves to put it out of business. But giving money to the spammer who was selling it wasn't something I really wanted to do. I wish we had thought of it early enough to make it work though.
Googlebot/ can leave their traces behind in our referrer/traffic stats [whenever they please] without our consent, what makes it okay for them and not okay for others?
Google does not leave referrers in your logs. They and other legitimate search engines' crawling shows in your logs, but will not include a referrer. If it does contain a URL it is in the User Agent section which does not get linked to when sites list their referrers.

Users comming from a real search engine that find your site are what leaves the referrers, unlike what referrer spammers are doing. In the spammer's case, software is leaving the referrers pointing back to sites that never linked to you. The search engines did.

Plus, Google and other real search engines do allow you to opt out with robots.txt which spammer software does not obey. If for some stupid reason you don't want Google to index your site you can prevent it. There is nothing you can do to prevent spammers.
PR Storm is DEAD. Welcome the arrival of PR Stumble which is 10 times more effective in link building compared to PR Storm, 50 times faster than PR Storm, search engines don't have problems with links built with PR Stumble.
honestly, nobody cares as long as it makes them money. That's what the world is about now adays. If you don't like it then you'd better hope you have a time machine laying around and go back to the stone age, even then things were about money. Go back even further and your into the age of reptiles or something, ever since people existed, business has been controlling everything in everybody's lives. And it just so happens, money controls business. It goes both ways. Sorry for the resurrection of this, lol
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