Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blogger Bugs Me

There are a few things that have bugged me about blogger for a long time. And this post isn't even about all their poor spam prevention.

First and most stupid, why can't they add a couple words to the spell checker dictionary. Words like Google, Blogger, Blogspot, and even blog keep coming up as misspelled. The Learn button seems to do nothing, I have hit it quite a few times on those words.

The second one is more annoying for readers of my blog. Sometimes, for no reason, my blogs Atom feed switches to the short version. I would rather let readers read the whole posts in their feed reader. Just republishing again usually fixes that, but I can only fix it if I notice.

Third is, the frequency publishing my blog posts comes up with an error. How hard is it to update some files? Republish Entire Blog is even worse. That often doesn't work on the first, second, or third try. My blog isn't even really that big. I can't imagine how much trouble those with tons of posts must have.

And how about fixing the Manage Posts page for Firefox. At least 80% of the time I go to that page it loads ok and then the blue Edit buttons grows to take up most of each row. That is not very usable. You can only read a word or two from the post's title. How am I supposed to manage anything that way. Sometimes if I refresh the page enough it will work right eventually.

And last, I guess is kind of spam related. Allow us to delete multiple comments easier. If a spammer or wacko comment bombs me I want be able to wipe them out in one quick action. The current method is ok for deleting one or two comments, but when you have 50 comments across multiple posts it would be a pain to cleanup.

Ok, so that wasn't the last one. How about preventing people from comment bombing? It shouldn't be hard to tell something is wrong when someone is posting more than a couple comments in short period.

Wow, this post just keeps going. How about a way to mark comments as spam and help prevent other blogspot users from being spammed by the same comment? That seems like something technology borrowed from Gmail might be able to accomplish.

You can delete comments altogether: check the "Remove forever" checkbox on the Delete Comment page. No more grey leftovers.

Personally, I'd like the new comment notification email to include a direct link to a Delete Comment page -- it'd make it much quicker and easier to delete spam comments.

The Learn button on the spellchecker has never done anything for me, either...
Wow, that is great. Since I don't remove the spam comments here I haven't been keeping up to date on that ability.

I rewrote paragraph six with a related comment deleting complaint that I had left out originally.

I am still not going to delete the spam on my antispam blog though. I like showing how stupid the spammers are. The grey boxes were only a minor part of the reason I didn't delete them. Long ago Manni found a CSS workaround to hide them anyway.
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