Tuesday, September 27, 2005

RSS 404

You know sometimes you need to retract or edit a blog posting. Like when you realize you are leaking company secrets and don't want to get fired.

Manni discovered this problem recently when he accidently posted to my blog instead of his (he is a Team Member on my blog). It had been so long since he posted I guess he got lost ;-). He realized it quickly and removed it, but by then it was too late. Google's had already got it so now his posting will forever appear as if it is on my blog and his.

Since Technorati and IceRocket aren't as closely related as Blogger and Google they don't index new posts as fast. That makes it is hard to tell if this problem affects them too. They don't list Manni's post on my blog.

It would seem to be easy for these services to detect deleted recent posts since they would then be missing from the feed, but feeds only go back a certain number of posts. We need something like a for RSS (and Atom) feeds.

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