Sunday, September 04, 2005

Next Splog (part 5)

Out of just over 50 hits of the Next Blog button I ran into only one clear splog and two questionable blogs, helphurricankatrinavictime and bbllb84sinkjet. I hope I am wrong about the Hurricane one especially, but I just couldn't be sure so didn't flag them. Parts of both blogs look unspammy, but others certainly look fishy.

I found only four legitimate blogs with no blogger bar. I wonder if blogger is throwing sites out of the "ring" for that. They certainly should, the bar is required by their TOS I am sure and by removing it you break the "ring."

Looks like Blogger is really cleaning up their ring. Other spam fighters have seen similar results recently. It is a really good thing they have removed objectionable blogs and splogs from the ring, but now they need to totally remove the splogs.

Update: Manni did a bit more investigating than I did on those two questionable blogs. They are both quite obviously splogs with what Manni found, but with only the quick glance I was giving sites it was difficult to be sure.

I forgot to mention that I saw no repeat blogs this time traversing the ring. Either they are using a bigger pool for the random ring or they are keeping track of which sites you have already seen. Since the former would be simpler I suspect that is what is happening.

That Katrina blog certainly is a splog. Did you check out the profile link? This guy's got 49 blogs. 49! Flag that thing.
bbllb84sinkjet is certainly a splog too. This one used stolen content to make his splog look like something good for google. Just google for random phrases in this one and you'll find the original articles.
I guess I should have looked a bit more carefully on those. I was only going on the page content. Other than those two and a couple others that turned out to be legit it was really simple to just glance at them for a second or two.
Yeah, I'd call splog on both too. You'd think Blogger would have a way to prevent a user from opening...say...49 blogs!

I'll vouch for the clearer Next Blog ring as well, but like I wrote in my own blog post a bit ago, there hasn't been any slowdown in the amount of splogs created. Its nice that Blogger looks after itself, its not so nice that they apparently could care less about anyone downline who has to wade through the crap they host.
I've seen spammers creating upwards of 400+ splogs. I currently have a list of about 1300 splogs and from my analysis an individual creating 49 blogs is pretty much a small fish compared to other egrigious spammers. The economics behind blog spammers are similar to your conventional email spammers.
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