Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ever wanted to try out Linspire but didn't want to pay for it? Now you can. Due to confusion with the Freespire project (which used the free components of Linspire) they are now giving away free copies of Linspire 5 for a few days.

I ordered my free download copy but their servers are really full now so it may be a couple days before I am able to download it. All you have to give them is an email address and create a password. No need to give away your mailing address or credit card number. This really is free. Of course the subscription to the update service (which is an important feature of Linspire) may not be very long, but at least it is free to try.

I found your site searching and flagging "splogs"!

I love it. You're bookmarked.

I really hate slogs!
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