Thursday, September 08, 2005

Flag Button Flaw

One problem with the Flag as Objectionable system occurred to me just now. If Blogger is only reviewing (for deletion) splogs that get a certain number of flags then that explains why they are not deleting many. Once a splog is removed from the Next Blog ring how are people supposed to find it to flag it? No wonder they are removing so few.

I am not a big believer that it will do much good, but Flag Day (September 10) is coming up soon. I wonder how they plan on finding the splogs since the Next Blog ring is so clean now.

Supposedly the Flag as Objectionable button is only the first step in the larger splog fight at Blogger. Chris left a comment at James Kew's blog saying "... the Next Blog steps are just what were first to be released."

I think I will wait and see before I get too excited.

Just to let everyone know, I've added a list of 350 splogs in the wiki for flag day. Have fun flagging those splogs!
I am putting together a separate blog on this particular topic.
In reply to AL S.E. I posted this:
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