Saturday, September 10, 2005

Every Day is Flag Day

When Flag Day was first planned Bloggspot still had a lot of spam in its ring. Now there is hardly any spam visible on the Next Blog ring. Because of that many think Flag Day failed. In a way it did, but whether Flag Day itself was succesful or not, the flag button (and whatever else Blogger has implemented) seems to be working at cleaning up the Next Blog ring.

Here are my Flag Day results out of 80 blogs:
2 splogs
2 questionable

Here are the questionable in case anyone else can make a determination:

Also interesting, I ran into one site twice and supprisingly within only two or three blogs. I also saw one blog that I had seen yesterday. After seeing no repeats in several days that was pretty supprising. And I found only two sites with no navbar, both were legitimate blogs.

The problem though as I have mentioned before is the spam blogs are still there. Though I only found a few splogs through the ring I certainly have flagged a bunch more today from existing splog lists.

I'm seeing something else about splogs that's bit odd. I have good reason to believe that Blogger is not completely removing splogs. The main page is removed but the rest of the pages are still there. That is true for this particular splog.

I get 404 for this splog however the page behind this splog is still there.

What makes it worse is that this page is still indexed on Google.
I did some further digging and it appears the more recently deleted splogs are being deleted fully. The older splogs are the ones with residual pages remaining.
Well at least they are improving, but it shows they clearly have little clue what they are doing.

I went through and flagged most of your flagday list of splogs. I actually found a few that had been removed already (though a very small number).

I hope Blogger gets their act together before this whole flagging thing blows up on them. The talk about censorship is getting really bad. What those people don't realize is blogger is a service not a right and it isn't going to kill them if blogger stops promoting their blog.

If it is true that Blogger is censoring legitimate blogs because they might be objectionable to a small group of people they need to fix that, but it is not the end of the world.
The questionable looks not spammy, even that the keywords looks so. specially "domain registration yahoo" which I saw on many lists as a well paid keywords, while it is not really well paid as its announced. Also the author worked more on the design, and register with many services (bottom page) ... While spammers usually use bots and don't take time on template or other.

The second one is a little more suspecious, even that by analysing the content everything looks okay. There is posts in two days, about 35 post a day about WNBA and Title IX/9 ... first time I saw such blog

AntiSplog detect them as normal blogs, as I said technically there is nothing that can differentiate them. And I dunno if I should call them splogs or no
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