Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spammed T-Shirt

Spam Huntress was mentioned in The Guardian's article Moral Maze by Michael Pollitt about referrer spamming. In it M0nkey says there is "no law anywhere specifically against referrer spamming." And asks, "Why would it be unethical, any more than it is unethical to wear a highly visible company logo on a piece of clothing?"

Well, Paulo had a good response:

Someone tell him to make highly visible red and pink stickers which says "TEXAS HOLDEM POKER PHENTERMINE VIAGRA MILF RAPE SEX," and walk around Oslo, randomly slapping those stickers onto people's clothing without permission, then claim that it's all perfectly ethical when the mob comes with pitchforks and tazers.
spammer t-shirt

Well done on the t-shirt!
That idea is ingenious. I say you have done a good job on the shirt. The analogy is commendable, too.
I'd buy one if it didn't have rape on it.. i mean the rest of it really shows the most popular/valuable stuff in the world doesn't it?
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