Thursday, August 25, 2005

Spam Keeps The Blog Dynamic

"i would not return to the page with the topic you read before,butiwill probably return to the topic i posted a comment to. More comments means more visits and it keeps the blog dynamic. After all blogs are not for authors only"

That is what a spammer left on the chongqed wiki when he spammed it. This isn't the first time I have seen similar (and possibly even identical) spam, including the fact that there was no URL. Also notice, he seems to think he was posting to a blog.

He is right of course, more comments means more visits and the blog is more dynamic. But when it is spam comments, the more visits come from spammers and legitimate visitors become sick of the trash and stop visiting. And blogs are more dynamic when you have lots of spam, because then the admin/owner has lots of cleanup to do over and over.

Isn't it great that spammers are helping us out with (ruining) our blogs (and the entire web while they are at it).

it's worse than that -- since spam targets are often found via a "targeting" google search for the spam keywords, spam comments will often attract more spam, in turn.

In other words, spam destroys the neighbourhood. ;)
I certainly agree. I guess I just didn't point it out specifically this time. See my post and this page on our wiki on this subject.
Oops, I missed linking the wiki page. It is SpamAttractsSpamEffect.
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hi there joe :)
You must be realy pissed now :)
Why would I be pissed? You are just proving how pathetic Blogger is in going after spammers.

And in case you are interested I have now made a post about you.
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