Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Spam Game

We got a spam submission that notified us of an online game monstersgame.info is running where players compete by linking to a page that records hits. You can see example spam here, here, and here.

From Google I don't see a lot of wiki or blog links, but there are over 3000 with a search for forum. Of course that is not be a very acurate measure for many different reasons including that many may be perfectly legitimate. But there are certainly many that are not.

I found a couple that had already been removed since Google indexed the page, so we aren't the only ones that think this is spam. There were also several that could be at least semi legit posts with it in their signature.

It looks like they need to really tighten the rules or shut this game down. The site and many of the hits I found were in German so it was hard for me to be sure what was going on (the Babel Fish translation sucks), but Manni luckily speaks German. He agreed they have setup a link game with a story about vampires and werewolfs that luckily for them gets victims to view their google ads.

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