Monday, April 04, 2005

LWS Loosers

A few loosers from LWS stopped by recently. They couldn't handle anything negative about LWS so left stupid comments. The first comment bombed me with 30 retarded posts. He didn't even bomb the one where I wrote about TheGunOwner's questionable practices. He only attacked the one about Raindog's spamming my blog. I guess its fitting he is named Poopdick since he is apparently in love with Raindog. A bit later an Anonymous retard posted a few more crap posts. Luckily most of the LWS readers that visited that day wern't so childish. Several in their forums wrote crap there, but I really don't care what these loosers write in their own stupid forums.

Those 'comments' confirm what I suspected all along: that most members of that strange forum are not only childish, but are in fact children. When was the last time you tried to irk someome by calling him gay? I guess I stopped doing this when I was 12.
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