Friday, April 29, 2005

GooglePray Unhappy

It seems the GooglePray spammer is upset about Spam Huntress labeling him as a spammer. So he left a comment on her blog, he says, "NO ANY LAW WRITE THAT GUESTBOOK IS PRAVATE LIKE SMSM OR EMAIL." That is one of the more well written part of his comment. As usual he doesn't think he is doing anything wrong even though he is forcing innocent visitors to become spammers for him. I hope Google bans his domains quickly so people can't accidently run into his trap.

He is now spamming guesbooks with the text of Ann and a few other's posts about him. Only he replaces the references to his domains with innocent victims. I can only guess that he is trying to make it impossible to find any relevant information about him from the original sources. Most of the ones I have seen are using taylor-arts and blaming its owner Neil Taylor. Neil is not a spammer.

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