Saturday, April 09, 2005

Back to the Future II

What does Marty McFly have to do with spamming? Well, not much actually. But there is a really weird spammer going around searching for names of the movie crew when he spams.

A while after he was first reported he happened upon the chongqed wiki. Since then he has hit us daily (usually more frequently) from IP addresses around the world through his zombie army. When first reported he was spamming for URLs at redirect services, not being smart enough to know that wouldn't help his PageRank. He seems to have figured that part out. He still understands little about wikis since his spam is in HTML rather than wiki syntax.

After his first bunch of hits to our wiki over two days he was finally blocked. It wasn't easy since each spam was a new URL posted from a totally unrelated network. Each new URL is being chongqed, but we have had to use other methods to block each new spam.

Now back to the Back to the Future stuff. It took us a long while to understand what was going on, but Manni finally figured out that he was using the names when he spams guestbooks. Then when the spammer started hitting our wiki he was using the names as logins there too. I suppose he does this so his spams look more legitimate. But his repeated spamming gives it away quickly even if someone was dumb enought to believe a single message of his wasn't spam. He certainly is not a graduate of Spammer U.

Much more detail on this weirdo can be found on our wiki.

Here are some of the many spams he has hit the chongqed wiki with in the last few days:

  • I need timeshare who is <a href="" target=_blank>timeshare</a> to be the most from now.

  • We appreciate luxor hotel but <a href="" target=_blank>luxor hotel</a>!

  • diabetes supplies get some information on <a href="" target=_blank>diabetes supplies</a> and on.

  • Best offer today is banking software <a href="" target=_blank>banking software</a> and on.

  • The air purifier is able to provide <a href="" target=_blank>air purifier</a>.

  • Anyone can do timeshare <a href="" target=_blank>timeshare</a>.

  • To begin with air purifier <a href="" target=_blank>air purifier</a>!

  • Well, diabetes supplies who is <a href="" target=_blank>diabetes supplies</a>!

  • Well, pennsylvania lawyer takes focus on <a href="" target=_blank>pennsylvania lawyer</a> and on.

  • I suppose domain hosting and find details of <a href="" target=_blank>domain hosting</a>.

  • ravens get some information on <a href="" target=_blank>ravens</a> and on.

  • ecommerce and <a href="" target=_blank>ecommerce</a>.

  • Get some information on domain hosting might want to be informed on <a href="" target=_blank>domain hosting</a>.

And here are the names we have seen him using so far:

  • Bob Widin

  • Steven Wolff

  • John Rankin

  • Jerry Sargent

  • Stephen Homsy

  • Tony Piller

  • Max Kleven

  • David Robbie

  • Angela Greenblatt

  • Ric McElvin

  • Ed Verreaux

  • Lisa Freeman

  • Lee Orlikoff

  • Susan Rosen

  • Justin Mosley Spink

  • Lawrence A. Hubbs

  • Cara Giallanza

  • Dorothy Byrne

  • Martin A. Kline

  • John Zemansky

  • Nancy Mickelberry

  • Allen Payne

  • Tom Phillips

  • Ed Verreaux

  • Roland Blancaflor

  • Susan Rosen

  • Ken Chase

  • Lynn Christopher

  • Cameron Moore

  • David McGiffert

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