Monday, March 07, 2005

WikiBlackList Blog Stolen

I just discovered that some spammer took over the WikiBlackList blog in late January. Before that it was inactive for 5 or 6 months, maybe the site just expired or the original author deleted the page. Either way, it now has some nonsense text and spammy links. A lot of WikiSpam pages link to that site since it used to have some useful antispam information. If you see any links to that site please remove them (and leave a comment explaining why so its not reverted as vandalizm). The spammer already has a PageRank of 3 by stealing the blog. Hopefully we can fix that real quick.

Tell me you at least put a "nofollow" tag in your link to that sblog and I'm just not seeing it in the source?
No "nofollow" tag was used, instead it used a redirect so it still doesn't benifit the spammer. Redirects are one of the methods we had before nofollow was invented.
Thanks. I didn't know that!
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