Friday, March 18, 2005

LWS Spammer Followup

Remember when David, TheGunOwner of LWS replied to a complaint about one of his members (December 18, 2004):Recently I had been getting a bunch of hits on my blog from an interesting site discussing TGO and LWS. It seems David left out the fact that it was a contest he was running that resulted in the spam when he said he didn't know anything about any contest (which he quickly ended). All I really care about is that he did stop the spamming, but why lie? More info on their forums (unless that gets censored too).

It didn't take long, the interesting site detailing all kinds of bad stuff about TGO was replaced with an apology. Just in case you missed reading that masterpiece at the original location, it can still be found here, here, or here.

Wow, gay.
And by gay, I mean you.
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