Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Goggle Ending Comment Spam

We all knew it was really up to Goggle to stop comment spamming. Well, they have finally provided a solution: They have several other search engines and blog software providers on board already. It will be really great when chongqing is no longer necessary. But I fear that day is a long way off.

Manni, Halz, and Slashdot beat me to the story:

actually, this has been doable for over a year, using a little tiny javascript trick I wrote about in 2003. looks like nobody noticed ;) details here:
Your javascript idea got similar results but it was not the only one or the best one, it requires Javascript which some people perfer not to use. There were a lot of other places with similar ideas. URL redirects being the most popular till now.

Redirects require a server that handles them. But blogger and other places were providing them. Google's version is much simpler since it will work no matter what and requires no server. Its always been up to Google to fix this, its their PageRank that caused the problem to be so bad. The problem is far from gone, but this is a big step in ending comment spam.
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