Saturday, October 02, 2004

Spammers Have No Conscience

A whole bunch of spammers are spamming a guestbook page of condolences for Princess Diana. How much more slimy can they get?
We have a new trouble maker, JD. He logs in to wikis and does minor edits thinking he won't be noticed. He was first reported by our new friend Halz on the chongqed wiki earlier this week. He had hit the KayakWiki and today I found he had also visited Dach's wiki and spammed the Spam page. He apparently read Dach's page because he tried to disguise the spam first as: but I guess he didn't want to admit it so changed it to:
Oh, and the famous Mr. Chongqing is still around. I found a couple of his links on the Sandbox page of Dach's wiki. I normally chop off the subdomain, but he seems to enjoy them so I figured I would leave them in this time, otherwise its really only four sites that all take you to

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