Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Seraphim Puddledork

Well, I found some more more garbage from the Seraphim Proudleduck SEO contest. It was already cleaned by the time I got there. And the top of the edit page said something like "all links posted here are redirected through our site so they won't help your Google ranking." But the Proudleduck, Poodleduck, Puddleduck, or Puddledork still spammed their blacklist a lot, totally replacing all existing content.

This Puddledork was spamming for,, and It was signed "by Hybrid Alien for merkey" and "by uphu for merkey". Maybe Merkey has no idea what is going on, maybe he doesn't care, but either way he has been chongqed. This particular Puddledork was an AOLer ( so its easy to understand his stupidity.

Our first report of Puddledork spam was for Manni also discovered some from

This stupid contest goes on till January, so I am sure lots more wikis are going to get trashed before its over. Then we will get to go through it all over again next time.

Puddledork? Good one, Joe!
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