Tuesday, October 05, 2004

hukuki.net: Turkish Legal Resources Spammer

Last night we really upset a spammer from Hukuki.net by telling him he was a spammer and wasn't going to be removed from our list. We don't have a problem removing someone from our list if we made a mistake, so far that has not happened. We are very careful what gets into our list, if its not obvious spam we don't include them. This guy's problem was he didn't understand or couldn't admit what he was doing was spamming.

A large number of guestbooks have his link spammed on them. He even admitted to making some of those comments. He sees them as reciprocal links or link exchanges and its up to the page owner to go sign and link on his guestbook. Signing hundreds of guestbooks with stuff like "cool page" and including your link is obviously only meant to spread your link and improve your ranking in search engines. It must also be a coincidence that a very large number of those guestbooks pages were named fsguestbook.html. Could that be because he has an automated "cool page" bot?

Manni also found several discussions at Wikipedia that confirms they do consider Hukuki Net to be a spammer. He has created law pages for a number of wikis that give a little content, but are not really relevant to the specific wiki at all. Creating a law page is not necessary on all wikis. Wikis are an open form of webpage, but the idea is to provide others useful on topic information. Not to spread your link around just to improve your Google PageRank.

Then we got a report that the someone spammed a chongqed.org link into the middle of the Czech Wikipedia main help page along with several others including the German, Arab, and English versions. Along with our link he spammed them with links to c2.com, usemod.com, and emacswiki.org, who also listed him as a spammer.

Here are hukuki.net's entries in the chongqed database:

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