Monday, September 06, 2004

Street Spam Fan

I found a lot of great links over at One of them was ;-)

I can't possibly list all of them, thats what their site is for anyway. They seem to be mostly into email spam (that makes sense since its the biggest spam problem on the net), but they also have links for bunches of other kinds of spam (webspam, telemarketers, postal spam, cell phone spam, IM spam, fax spam, etc.).

The one I found most interesting was on street spam. The site is the Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam. To see what they mean by street spam check out their What is Street Spam page. I have not seen that amount of street spam in one spot around here, but it is around.

What makes it so interesting to me (other than they are also Texans) is that they also have a "fan" site just like we do, Street Spammers Against Ugly Citizens. The spammers even put up pictures of the antispammers just like has happened to Manni on multiple occasions.

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