Sunday, September 26, 2004

chongqing Milestone

Friday we reached a milestone in chongqing history. A new Chinese spammer was stupid enough to actually spam our chongqed wiki. Thats pretty stupid, but guess where he put his spam, on the SpamReport page. Since he was nice enough to log in, I made him a user page.

Another example of how dumb he was, his Chinese keywords were not entered correctly and are all just question marks. We don't know if our wiki supports Chinese characters correctly, but it does display something. It doesn't convert them all to question marks so I don't know how he accomplished that. That kind of makes it hard to chongq him. But we still have his URLs.

One thing this spammer did that wasn't too dumb was search for www.emmss .com. The original Mr. Chongqing's spam is so prevelant even other wiki spammers notice him. That would be a good way to find spammable pages if your a lazy spammer. Its also a good way to find spammers that need chongqing.

I think its nice that spammers are now helping chongq themselves. It saves us the trouble of looking for them. Manni and I have been eagerly awaiting this day.

Well, here are his spammy domains:

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