Wednesday, August 18, 2004

the wiki, etc

In just a couple days the wiki has been discovered by a few people. I hope more people will contribute their antispam thoughts. I sure will be.

A mini-blacklist will soon be available of all the spammers listed on We aren't going to make this into a big blacklist of every spammer that exists, but if we add them to our database they will be on our mini-blacklist. In the past I have not been a big supporter of blacklists, but a visitor and Manni recently convinced me this mini URL blacklist would be ok. We won't be providing an IP blacklists since those are far too dangerous.

A nice email spam story "US blamed for 85 per cent of spam: Can-Spam law having little effect on US junk mailers" is here.

Not at all chongqing related, but its a blog so its not too far off our usual topic. If you haven't seen JibJab's "This Land" US election parody you are really missing out even if you aren't American. Here is their blog

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