Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Looks like we have a fan. He was so excited about our websites he created his own. He seems to be a little confused though, he thinks spamming is good and we are bad. Manni will fill you in on the rest here, here, and here.

This isn't about your post specifically, but what if you made your list of keywords & links available in a form that others can easily paste in their own blog or wiki (or as just a regular html file on their webserver)? I mean this page:

I bet others might be interested in creating their own "chongq" page that mirrors your list if you think it would help increase the pagerank to the chonqed site for these keywords. The ruby wiki, the openwiki, and the communitywiki seem to be friendly to anti-spam ideas like this.

That's one advantage we have over the SEO spammers, we're not competing against one another. I've seen some wiki spammers now who delete competing spam while posting their own :)
We do have some supporters at some of the wikis you mentioned. But creating an actual blacklist is something we so far have tried to avoid. Right now our list is pretty small compared to the number of spammers out there, but if we started maintaining it as blacklist it would quickly grow run into problems that all large blacklists inevitably face, errors, misidentified sites, slow to update, bandwidth, etc. We have no problem with people using the entries our list as a blacklist, but we don't want to start maintaining it as a real blacklist.
I don't know. I am more open to the idea than Joe seems to be. Blacklists are dangerous, that's true. And I am completely against an IP blacklist. But a machine readable version of urls or keywords? Why not?

I could easily be done. How should it be formatted?

I am not totally against it. Its just that is not what our purpose has been. And like you said IP blacklists are BAD (though pretty effective). A URL blacklist can still be dangerous but we can try it. We always do research before adding a page to the spammers list. If it turns out to be a big problem we can quit.

For format, wouldn't just URLs seperated by newlines do it? With a short comment at the top of the file like:
#from updated 13 Aug 2004 03:54 AM
I didn't mean a shared blacklist. I meant your "chongq list" with keywords and links here:

I guess it is like a blacklist though.

So for example people could paste in something like this to a wiki page if they want:
[ 1a tattoo]
[ 1a wallpaper]
or to their blog:
<a href="">1a tattoo</a>
<a href="">1a wallpaper</a>
From:, Robert (Germany)

Hi Joe, hi Manni... *wiping the laughing tears from my eyes* - this is the best story so far. Oh Geezus, this hits by far the ceiling.

Well - and because i think that Lior (not Liar?ggg) will read this:

Hey man, you saved my weekend... And i thought that the flamewars on are funny. You clearly showed me that i was wrong. Keep on with so that i have more to laugh in the future ;o)... man, these spammer guys are crazier than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Anonymous wrote:
"So for example people could paste in something like this to a wiki page if they want:..."

Oh. So what you mean is that we offer the link that you need to link to us in plain text for easy copy and paste?

Right, that's all I meant. Either in a textarea box or as a separate page. But only if you think having more than one "chongq" page like that would help the pagerank for those keywords to link to you. It's not big deal though, just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.
You guys convinced me. The exact form it will be in is still not decided, but it looks like its going to happen soon. There is also another new feature of that wiki users should like.
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