Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Casino-Online-On-Line is still at it

I guess their promise to "stop spamming blogs from now on..." on Manni's blog was a lie. I am shocked! How could someone with the morals of a spammer lie? Oh yeah, they don't have any. I guess they were counting on us not noticing. We didn't, though a simple google search would have shown it. They can thank one of their many victims for letting us know.

They are also pretty dumb, they haven't realized recent antispam improvements in most Blog software have made spamming blogs useless. More proof of their stupidity is for a while they were spamming wikis with:Which with most wiki software is not valid and will not create a link. That is exactly the type of tricks email spammers use (though more succesfully). After realizing how stupid that was, now they have advanced to putting multiple styles of links so at least one of them will work on most wikis.

A quick look through Google seems to show they now concentrate on Guestbooks and Forums. I am not so sure though, I suspect those just make it higher up the search results because the spam often stays there longer. They probably spam anything with a form and submit button. They are still repeatedly hitting wikis and blogs even if the links are useless.

Here is the current text (minus the links) they are using for blogs:Luckily the site I found that spam at has a couple ways of making those spams useless for improving the spammers' PageRanks.

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