Friday, July 23, 2004

Spammer from .gov

Manni just discovered a pretty upsetting case. There is spam appearing on wikis with a hostname from a .gov address. The spam is for 1stop-cash-advance-payday-loans . com and 1stop-directv-dish-network-satellite-tv . com.

Obviously Manni and I don't think its right to be spamming in the first place, but using government resources to do it is very troubling.

Update 7/28: The spammer in question has apparently stopped and has admitted to spamming to the higher ups. Its nice to see someone taking responsability for their actions. Supposedly this spammer's idea to spam came from Philipp's Nigritude Ultramarine SandBox spamming article. Isn't it nice to see more bad effects comming from that "wonderful" article.

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