Tuesday, July 06, 2004

More Email Spam News

First we have another fantasy attempt at ending spam, this time by the UN. Its a good fantasy, but it won't work. Computer crimes just aren't delt with seriously enough when someone is caught (which is far too rare if you don't count the RIAA's going after kids and grandmothers). Even a large fine is nothing to a spammer who is making millions off of the small percentage of idiots who buy their crap. Jail time might be a bigger deterant, but for every spammer they catch there will be hundereds to take his place. And compared to drugs and murder cyber crimes aren't taken very seriously because they don't physically hurt people and police forces are often short on manpower and the knowledge to go after cyber crimes.

Well, here is the link I have been babbling about UN takes aim at spam epidemic, and here is the Slashdot coverage.

And now another email spam story, Comcast Port 25 Blocks Result In Less Spam (port 25 is the port outgoing mail is sent on). It is only done when they notice a problem IP address and they try to contact the user first. This is a really good step. I hope they can keep it up, this fix is no fantasy. People are already seeing the results. For lots of discussion about this see Slashdot.

When are people going to wake up and see that email spam is not the only kind of spam? Other than us Wiki and Blog users no one else even knows it exists. And most blogs now prevent comment spamming so its getting less attention now. I wish I had more actual chongqing news to post here, but obviously as connected as Manni and I are to POPFile email spam is of great interest to us too. So thats why you see so much email spam news on our pages.

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