Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Google fighting spam

Google is doing something to fight spam, the fake add click kind. Here is the ZDNet story, Google's fraud squad battles phantom clicks. It doesn't say how exactly, but that is good so the spammers have a harder time working around it.

I posted about this problem way back at the begining of this blog as my 5th post, Slashdot: India's Secret Army Of Online Ad 'Clickers'.

It's nice to see Google is doing something about any kind of spam. With their IPO comming up they really had no choice since advertising is their main source of revenue.

Can a fix for wiki spam from Google be near? I don't think so. That spam isn't actually hurting Google's cash flow so its unlikely we will see any major work to fix spamdexing through vandalizing wikis. Its going to be up to the wiki software designers to implement features to solve wiki spam.

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