Friday, July 09, 2004

Comment and Referrer Spam

MT BlackList is getting hurt by spammers spamming for good domains for the purpose of making the blacklist unusable. Major news sites like and were being blocked. Article: Blacklisted Comment Spammers Attack Legitimate Domain

Burningbird has a really good post about the MT Blacklist problem, some advice on removing existing comment spam, and preventing future spam. Post: MT Comment Help

From Burningbird's article this link sounds very useful, its a MoveableType plugin that disables commenting on posts more than a set number of days. Since most spam is on pages listed in Google this should really help: Closing comments on old entries.

Typepad's official post about comment spam Fighting Comment/Trackback Spam

A Referrer Log Spamming story at

And then here is our friend IrishEyes where I discovered the above links:

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