Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Casino-Online-On-Line Spam

I should have posted about this guy a week ago, but hadn't found the time yet. Now that he struck again I couldn't put it off any longer. This spammer had struck the POPFile wiki twice already and this morning he hit a bunch of pages. Its obviously an automated spammer since urls are only visible after being whitelisted. If this guy isn't automated he sure is stupid. Even Mr. Chongqing quit bothering us when he realized he couldn't get any links there.

So now its time to talk about online casino gambling on-line and how playing poker and roulette is fun and easy over the internet. As you can probably tell that sentance is just loaded with his keywords. And just in case I haven't used enough of his keywords yet:
For ways of blocking idiots like this see Meatball Wiki: WikiSpam. For fighting back against them, link to our sites with their keywords and let us know about them if we don't have them on the Spammers pages.

For more info on wikispam visit Wikipedia:Spam and c2.com's WikiSpam page.

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