Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A bunch of blog spammers

Here are just a small sample of the blog comment spam I just found at craigblog:
upskirt-school dot com
    upskirt school girls
fuckingmachines-fucking-machines dot com
    fucking machines
free-inthevip dot com
    sex vip free
realitysexo dot com
    reality sexo
give-u-the-perfect-mortgage dot com
    give you the perfect mortgage
linkspider dot us
    linkspider links
adult-dvd-dot dot com
    adult dvd
jinlong dot co dot uk
    horse buy news racing bet
waldner-msa dot co dot uk
    order purchase cheapest diet adipex prescription pill phentermine
texasholdem-flip-flop dot com
    texas holdem
casino-gambling dot inforceable dot com
    casino gambling
online-casinos dot go dot ro
    online casinos
1-online-casino-portal dot com
    casino portal
videopoker-online-casino dot com
    video poker online casino
happy-shopping-online dot com
    order 4gb ipod music players
tramadol-ultram dot cjb dot net
    Buy Tramadol
pilldrugs dot com
buy-generic-viagra-sildenafil-citrate dot com
    Generic Viagra
kontaktanzeigen-bild dot de dot ms
loans dot de dot vu
buy-discount-cheap-cigarettes-online dot com
    Discount Cigarettes
mms dot gongi dot pl
    dzwonki polifoniczne nokia
waterbeds-dot dot com
idebtconsolidation dot org
    debt relief

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