Thursday, July 08, 2004

BeTheDealer and DirectedMarket

I have done a bunch more casino chongqing today. Be The Dealer Casino appears to be the main site of a casino affiliate program now run from DirectedMarket dot com and/or privatelabelcasino dot com. For more information about BeTheDealer see this article:
Be the Dealer Unvails Its New Private Label Casino Program.

I just wrote this to DirectedMarket and BTDCasino support addresses:
If I get a response, you know I will post it right away. :-)

The same "owner" also spams for this new website

Spammer's keywords
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For example:

Interesting: An address is used if you go thru the application process and then go to "other ways of payment"...

TC Advertising Limited
Nicos Michaelides

There is also a bank account information, a P.O. Box address etc. Maybe this is interesting?

If you need to contact me, do so at h_a123 (at)

Thanks and good luck for your project
Wow, thanks for pointing that usagc dot org one out. I had seen it, but it looked so official and way better than most Cyprus sites I thought it was just one of his good links. As Manni discovered, he even links to the Wikipedia. I have also seen him link to Google a lot. So I guess he believes linking to legitimate sites will make his page more relevant to Google.
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