Thursday, June 03, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Nuts

Its surprising the number of links to my blog there are from Nigritude Ultramarine sites. If your one of those Nigritude nuts you should read this article.

Google is taking notice of this stupid contest, but instead of blocking or something drastic, they are caching pages and plan to study it to improve the engine. I guess there will be some good out of all this. I wonder if whatever changes they make hurt wiki spam effectiveness, though I am sure it will never go away.

Another effect of the Nigritude Ultramarine SEO contest is more wiki spammers. I haven't actually seen any yet, but the article says its happening and it doesn't surprise me at all. Its stupid though, whoever wins this dumb contest is unlikely to have been spamming, its going to be pure luck. What would be funny is if Google shuffles all the Nigritude results and those how tried hard and wasted lots of time and money go to the bottom.

Google Canada seems to have a special way of handling a certain Nigritude Ultramarine search, its got a shark logo instead of the normal Google logo.

I just hope this is the last big SEO contest like this. I don't think the good Google might get out of this is worth the mess.

I'm working on a contest right now for the search terms flag burning and community watch. Fun stuff!
I have no idea what this flag burning and community watch comment is about. If it is a real contest the idiot obviously didn't read my post that says these contests are stupid. He also proves his stupidity by not realizing that most blogs now redirect the URL so a spammed URL gets no benefit. He found this page through a Google search on "seo contest" "post a comment". Looking at the top results for that search shows that he also spammed at least several other blogs. His hostname was

From one of the other places he spammed (which sadly was quickly removed):

"I'm taking part in a google bombing contest right now for the search terms <a href="">flag burning</A>, and <a href="">community watch</A>. Fun stuff!

Posted by flag burning"
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